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  • Introducing MONO Diode Laser Hair Removal 6900W- The Safest and Most Effective Permanent Hair Removal Technology!

    Harness the Power of Selective Dynamics of Light and Heat for Optimal Results!

    The MONO Diode laser hair removal technology is built on the principle of selective dynamics of light and heat. The laser penetrates the skin surface, targeting the hair follicles' root. The light is absorbed and converted into heat, damaging the hair follicle tissue without harming the surrounding skin. This results in permanent hair removal with minimal discomfort and the safest technology available.

    Key Features of MONO Diode Laser Hair Removal:

    🌟 808nm Diode Laser: The 808nm diode laser is proven to be the ideal choice for most skin types and hair removal due to its optimal speed and effectiveness.

    🌟 Mixed Wavelengths: The combination of 755nm, 808nm, and 1064nm wavelengths ensures suitability and efficacy for all skin tones and hair colors.

    🌟 Penetration Depth and Absorption: Each wavelength has its unique treatment range - 808nm for fast hair removal, 755nm for thin hair removal, and 1064nm for dark or tanned skin customers.

    🌟 Triple Wavelengths Working Together: The mixed triple wavelengths diode laser simultaneously work together, catering to different skin and hair types.

    🌟 3 Spot Sizes in 1: The intelligent diode laser comes with three replaceable treatment tips - body tip (13.5*38.5mm) for large areas, facial tip (12.5*14.5mm) for smaller areas, and mini tip (Φ8.25mm) for hard-to-reach spots.

    🌟 3D Magnetic Technology: The 3D magnetic technology allows technicians to easily switch between tips, and the system automatically recognizes the tip, providing the most recommended parameters for treatment.

    🌟 Big LED Screen: The 12 Inch multi color touch screen in the handle allows technicians to adjust all parameters directly. It displays real-time temperature of the treatment tip, total shots, output energy, and cooling status.

    Experience the MONO Diode Laser Hair Removal and revolutionize your hair removal treatments. With its advanced features, mixed wavelengths, and intelligent technology, MONO Diode Laser ensures exceptional results for clients of all skin tones and hair colors.


    NEW Diodni laser za odstranjevanje dlak 6900W

    Delivery 4-6 weeks





      3000W Handle, 6900W Machine 

      Spot Size

      Round 8.25mm


      808nm / 755 - 808 - 1064 mixed



      Pulse Width


      Pulse Duration


      Laser Bars/ Lamp

      US Coherent laser bars

      Stand-by Working

      20 hours

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